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Simple. Secure. Streamlined.

The only all-in-one YouTube solution for WordPress
  • Unrestricted YouTube Access

  • Upload, Edit and Browse

  • Easily Embed Videos or Playlists

  • Helpful Support Team

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Easily upload new content to your YouTube account on the fly, directly from the WordPress dashboard.


Browse your previously uploaded media, search YouTube for that special video or browse through your subscriptions playlists.


Edit or delete previously uploaded content, build a watch later playlist on the fly and manage your YouTube account directly from the WordPress dashbaord.


Easily insert videos and playlists with the click of a button. Use the standard iframe embed or a nicer customized and fully responsive HTML5 player.

Connecting YouTube to WordPress has never been easier...

Managing a WordPress site heavy in video content has never been easier. Get things up and running in a matter of minutes. YouTube for WordPress is feature rich out of the box, and if needed, can be extended through add-ons or custom development. Check out some of the add-ons we currently have, as well as a few of the ones we have planned for release!

Stable, Secure and Feature Packed

YouTube for WordPress is built up on the latest version of the YouTube API (v3). We take the stability and security of YouTube plus very seriously, so you know you'll be getting a top notch product. YouTube for WordPress is so feature packed, you'll forget you're browsing YouTube from the backend of your site!

Upload New Content

All new, re-designed updloader for an easier and more streamlined experience

Browse Content

Browse your entire channel, ranging from your most recent uploads to your playlists, and subscriptions

Search YouTube

Brand new search functionality. Search for that special video, playlist or channel

Browse Subscriptions

Keep up with your subscriptions and browse their channels and recent uploads

Stay Informed

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You can also follow along with our roadmap for future release information, scheduled add-on release dates and more.

Smooth Integration

Eye catching and flashy interfaces are cool, but we belive the interface of all plugins should be kept clean, and as similar to the native WordPress dashboard as possible for the smoothest possible integration with WordPress. We spent a good deal of time making sure all of the functionality is easily accessible without needing to hunt down or sort through ardous menus to find what you need. You'll find the menu structures and functionality quite similar to YouTube, and intuitive enough that you won't need to read a textbook of documentation to upload a video to your YouTube account.

Premium Support

With the purchase of any premium add-on you'll get access to premium first class support. If we can't resolve the issue via e-mail, one of our tech gurus can sort things out first hand so you don't need to hire someone. Alternatively, if you don't need any add-ons but still need support you can purchase a support plan for $45/yr which will grant you access to priority support tickets and a developer to sort out any issues at hand.

Highly Extensible

If you're familiar with any of the WordPress API's or have an understanding of the technical workings of WordPress you should have no problem extending YouTube for WordPress to bend to your will. Build in new functionality, add new video player templates, interact with the YouTube API....possibilites are limitless.

We provide tons of documentation and user resources so you won't need to spend hours researching when you should be developing.